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Matthew Ledvina is an experienced US tax adviser and consultant. Ledvina gained his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), specialising in Finance from Baylor University in Texas, USA; he then attended Vanderbilt University Law School of Law, where he gained his Juris Doctor (J.D). Ledvina completed his studies at the New York University School of Law, where he gained his Master of Laws (LL.M), with a specialization in US and international taxation.

Legal and Tax

In 2004, Ledvina joined the multinational law firm Baker McKenzie. In his role as a US tax adviser, Ledvina would provide cross border advice to families with US connections, which he continued to do in his later role at a boutique law firm. Ledvina created the boutique law firm in 2011 by Ledvina along with some of his colleagues from Baker McKenzie, and the company specialised in tax planning and compliance, FATCA and CRS, insurance products, art held on trust, asset protection, relocation, and tax proceedings. In 2021, Ledvina co-founded Helm Advisors to continue advising cross-border families with US connections.

Director of London-based Fintech and Fintech Investor

In his director role at a Fintech company in London, Ledvina works with brokers, family offices, funds, and private banks to roll out a secured lending platform. Ledvina also works with a venture capital firm with a heavy focus on technology, and Fintech and Regtech investments throughout the world. Ledvina is a member of investor clubs based in London and in Zurich.


Matthew Ledvina is a member of several professional associations, including the International Bar Association, the International Tax Planning Association, the International Business Structuring Association, and various other tax-related associations.

Matthew is also a member of Swiss ICT Investor Club which connects smart money investors to Swiss early-stage tech startups.

US Taxation Expert

Ledvina is an expert on the topic of US taxation and was involved with many of the cases in the US Department of Justice Swiss Bank Programme. He has received media coverage in publications such as Bloomberg for his expertise on private banking issues in Switzerland and UK, including the effects of FATCA and renouncing of US citizenships. Ledvina’s focus is primarily working with families with cross-border investments and tax issues with a US connection.

As well as Ledvina’s expertise as a US tax adviser, he has specialist knowledge of art as an asset or investment, having worked with many clients that have artwork held by trustees.

Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, the role that artificial intelligence will play in the legal and accounting fields is another areas of expertise for Matthew Ledvina, who has extensively researched the topic in order to understand the possible impact that the developing technology will have on the future of the profession.

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